I was notified by the clerk unofficially on Friday September 1oth, that I have been acclaimed to council. This was subsequently made official on Monday September 13th at 4:00pm and reported in the King Sentinel and King Weekly on Wednesday September 15th.

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank the residents and ratepayers of Ward 1 for the confidence they have expressed in me, and to especially thank you all for your kind words and expression of thanks.

I realize that acclamation does not mean everyone is happy with my work as councillor, so with that in mind I will continue to take a balanced approach in order to address as many interests as possible, with the overall welfare of King Township in mind.

As I have said previously, it has not been an easy job this past 4 years. A number of things that transpired over this term have further reinforced my contention that we need a change toward leadership that demonstrates a more equitable and fair treatment to all the residents of King with a paramount interest in working together to unite our Township, instead of perpetuating divisions. We have a lot of work to do in that regard.

I personally will be disappointed to not see my name on the ballot as a result of this acclamation. I like to be able to cast a vote for my candidate, as i am sure do all of you. It was also a lot of fun last time to see my name on the ballot and a real thrill to win.

But I have been told that I should be proud of this. That acclamation in this Township, in this Ward specifically, is an accomplishment an and indication “that you’re doing a good job” as it was put to me.

So I am going to enjoy this for a while, give myself a little pat on the back, and get ready for term number 2.

I do however, intend to put my signs up in a few select locations with a big “Thank You” sticker over the re-elect portion of the sign, and to help remind you that there is still a Mayoral race on this Ward and you absolutely must


or at any of the advanced polling locations (Click here for more info).

Once again.

Thank you King! Stay tuned thru 2014, and stay engaged. Our home needs your attention.


Cleve Mortelliti

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