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Our Present

Our growth has been slow and controlled, and good things have happened.

King City has grown faster in the past 8 years than it has in the previous 150.   And although some may feel that King City is growing too much and too fast, the rate of growth has actually been much slower than anticipated, and significantly slower than other parts of York Region.  In fact it’s one of the slowest growing growth areas in all of the Greater Golden Horseshoe.

Consider that the King City Community Plan, which was approved  by the OMB in 2000 (18 years ago), had a projected population of 12,000.  Many had thought that we would have hit that number by 2014. In fact we are barely at 8,000 today.

To put this into perspective, the MacLeod’s Landing* development in Oak Ridges, at Yonge Street south of Stouffville added approximately 25,000 people to the population of Richmond Hill in less than 10 years.  That’s the same as the existing population of the entire Township of King!

But without this growth we never would have seen some of these great things happen, like the establishment of a variety of great restaurants, shops, amenities and service providers.  Environmentally these enhancements make King City much more accessible on foot.  I personally love the fact that my wife and I can take a short walk and be sitting on the patio of one of the many great restaurants in town.  And further to this, without this growth, the prospect of Magna International moving their worldwide headquarters to King City would be an impossibility.  Instead, their plans are moving toward that reality.


By any measurable standard in southern Ontario, our growth has been slow, our population remains low, and the high quality of growth that King has experienced is such that MoneySense Magazine has identified King as the “Best Place to Live” in York Region, and among the top 20 in all of Canada.

* Some may recall back in 2003 when Dalton McGuinty, as leader of Liberal Party, pledged to halt the Macleod’s Landing Development.   It was actually under construction when McGuinty made that pledge, and it of course raised the hopes and expectations of those who were opposed to the development.  As I watched the roads being built, I wondered, how could this be possibly stopped?  There were millions of dollars actively being spent.  It made no sense.   And sure enough, it was not stopped.  That area is now built out, and accommodates a population equal to the entire population of the Township of King!  Read about it here,  here and here.