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Our Future

When you imagine the future of King City, what do you envision?

I envision a small, vibrant, transit supported,  urban centre with a rural feel –  surrounded by the Oak Ridges Moraine, dotted with gourmet restaurants, shops and boutiques.  I envision a diversity of beautiful housing –  a variety of single family dwellings and lifestyle housing for all ages.

And I envision the people who live in those dwellings being able to walk out their door and within minutes be hiking through the Oak Ridges Moraine Trails, or within minutes, to the gymnasium at the new Municipal Centre, or to the newly constructed Seniors Centre & Public Library.

I envision those people walking to the King City GO Train Station,  and in less than an hour being seated at a Leafs, or Jays game, or at a concert or play in Toronto, and then back at home in time to enjoy the rest of their evening in the serenity of their beautiful homes.

I can see them cycling or jogging through the King City Trails to the new tennis courts located south of the 15th Side Road, or to the new recreation complex located at Dufferin and the 15th.

I can see kids playing at one of the two skate parks,  or at one of the two new splash pads in the parks dotted across King City.  I see a vibrant, beautiful downtown core with a “heritage feel”, lined with cool shops and businesses.

I envision one day being able to hike to a massive outdoor artwork, entitled “Shift”,  created by world renowned Richard Serra in 1972, still hidden in a field in King City.  Richard Serra is considered to be the world’s greatest living sculptor, and one of his original artworks spans a 13 acre site in a field right here in King City.  Read about it here.

I also envision residents walking or cycling to their place of work at Magna International’s newly constructed worldwide headquarters at King and Jane.

What I am describing is a more complete King City.  What I am describing is essentially what we already have today, but just a little bit more.

Today we are recognized as the BEST place to live in York Region.

What I envision is a place, that is the best place to live in ALL of Canada.

On October 22nd, please help me to continue to realize this vision for King.