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Without a doubt, experience is a major asset in this business. 

When I look back on some of my 2006 campaign speeches, I know that I got some of it right, but I was also naive, and got some of it wrong too.  Even though I knew the civil engineering business from the land development side of things, I truly did not fully understand the nature of multi tiered government, and how provincial regulation essentially constrains, controls and permits everything we are seeing today in terms of growth in southern Ontario.

You spend your first 4-6 years on council learning what you can and cannot do.   And the approach you take can make or break your effectiveness.

We make decisions for the entire Township

When you check your ego at the door, and make the decision to work with your council colleagues as a team, you learn to empathize for each other, and all of the people you represent.  Because we make decisions for the entire Township, not just our own back yards.

This council used to be terribly divided, but what I am most proud of is that since 2010 I have been part of a council that works toward the same common goal – the betterment of our community, and the improvement of the quality of lives of the people who place their trust in us to represent them.  Our reputation as a council is that we gets things done!

Together with the help of my Council colleagues, and with the support of staff, residents, business owners and local volunteers,  I am pleased that my record includes the following:

  • Rebuilt infrastructure reserves and paid down crippling debt
  • Built new parks, and revitalized Memorial Park with new Ball Diamonds, Gazebo, Playground and splashpad
  • Spearheaded the King City Craft Beer & Food Truck Festival
  • facilitated the KCBCA in creating Christmas in King City
  • Beautified our village cores
  • Implemented strict architectural controls on new development
  • Built new sidewalks & replaced old ones
  • Incorporated a York Regional Police substation and public recreational facility into the new municipal centre
  • Negotiated non-tax supported funding sources for the new King City public library and Seniors’ Centre
  • Reconstructed rural roads
  • Installed traffic signals and cross-walks in school safety zones
  • Installed traffic calming measures in residential neighbourhoods
  • Required development to contribute to the community by negotiating 100% developer funding for the renovation of our museum
  • Negotiated the use of Seneca’s 25 acres to build a new Recreation Complex, with funding for its construction also paid for by development
  • Supported local historical and conservation groups
  • Took a stand against inappropriate industry in the hamlet of Snowball
  • Strengthened by-law enforcement

Goals for the 2018-2022 term include: (Click to Read My Campaign Ad)

  • attract more industry like Magna International
  • control greenfield & village core development
  • continue efforts to calm traffic in our neighbourhoods
  • stabilize property taxes
  • support appropriate, complementary development
  • maintain and upgrade our rural roads
  • advance the new developer-funded recreation complex
  • advocate for the distribution of natural gas to rural areas
  • advocate for distribution of broadband internet to service our rural
  • homes and businesses

(For more in depth details on our Township wide council achievements, check out the 2017 Community Report).

But the biggest part of this job is the day to day work of responding to and attending to the needs of people.  And since 2006, it has been my pleasure to meet with you, to help you to attend to your personal needs and issues.  And it has been my honour and privilege to support our KC Lions, our Trails Committee, our Sustainability Committee, our Library Board, our Holland Marsh Farmers and all of the volunteers who commit their time and energy in giving back to their community.

In the coming term, there is much more to be done.  I will continue to do more of the same by continuing to meet with you, listen to you, and advocate for the things that are important to us all.

In the meantime I’d like to hear from YOU.

Please click on this link and provide your feedback.